Baby Activity Music Walker

Interactive learning baby walker

A great walker can give your child an unforgettable first step to help your child learn to walk with this baby walker activity center

From Sitting to Standing

Get ready to walk. Little ones can play with the detachable activity panel on the floor while discovering animals, colors, music, shapes, and numbers. Attach the panel to the walker as babies grow and they’ll continue to learn as they move along.
Curiosity & wonder

As babies discover how to activate the music and phrases by pressing the buttons or pushing the walker along, they see that their actions can make fun things happen, that's cause & effect!
Let's go for a stroll, baby!

The Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Learn with Puppy Walker is the perfect pal for your growing baby, offering exciting hands-on activities for little sitters and tons of encouraging phrases and support for those first little steps. As little ones grow and go, Puppy will introduce them to the alphabet, shapes, colors, counting, and even English words!

What People Are Saying About Us

“This toy is a great alternative to walkers. My grandson loved it. He started by pulling himself up. And he has learned some problem-solving skills.”

Amina Khizar

“ I loved it, my baby loved it. After me pushing it around on the first setting I know she will not fall if it takes her a little time to stand up to push it. So far I highly recommend this product.”

Nida Babar

“This was an immediate hit! Our 11-month-old was excited as it was being quickly assembled. I helped her walk with it for a minute but she was wanting to play with the new fun stuff on the front. Dish Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder for Kitchen.”

Zara Ali

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