Capsule Chix Giga Glam Collection

Welcome to the future world of fashion

✨Let your YOU-NIQUE style run wild with the Capsule Chix Sweet Circuits Collection – fashion that’s all about Bold Candy Brights and Sugary Coatings! Style it up to make fashion that’s sweet enough to eat…

Over 4 Billion Looks To Create
With Capsule Chix, you can build your very own mix & match fashion doll! Customize your Capsule Chix hair, face, upper torso, lower torso, shoes, accessories, and even hands to create a doll that's YOU-UNIQUELY YOU! With 4 Collections to mix and match across, there are over 4 billion looks to create across series 1 and with so many choices, no two outfits are the same. Mix and match pieces to create whole new looks that nobody else has - it's your YOU-NIQUE style remix!
Dial-Up Your Style

Dial-Up Your Style with the Capsule Chix Single Pack! Just turn the style dial on the front of the pack to release the 5 surprise capsules - what fashions will you find inside? Every capsule delivers a fresh new addition to your wardrobe! Reload your Capsules back into the pack to store your fashions or dial-up your style again to see what fashion remix you can create.
Shop The Looks

Flip through the Capsule Chix magazines and tick off your fashion pieces from each Collection. There are 4 magazines to collect (one for each collection) and each includes editorial pieces, looks to chop and mix and match inspiration so you can let your style run wild!

What People Are Saying About Us

“really fun to mix and match and highly posable! the mechanism in the box worked perfectly~!”

Fatima Aslam

“Our 8 year old granddaughter just loves these, has lots of accessories for the doll, you can put them back in plastic containers and insert them at the top, turn the dial and out pops the containers...she has had hours of fun with it and I was a bit surprised our 10 year old granddaughter joined in .”

Mahmoona Ahmed

"My niece loved it. She had so much funny turning the dial to see what she was going to get. They dolls themselves don’t stay together too well but she was happy so that’s what matters. ”

Kanita Tayyab

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