Chef Multi-Function Stainless Steel Basket

Go From Pot To Plate

Specially designed handles stay cool to the touch

Use of micro-point resistance welding and seamless welding technology, product highlights-free solder, no welding injury, no edges, no shedding, safe to use.
You can use it for pasta, washing salad and spun dry it, vegetables cooking, frying chips or fruits, store fruits and snacks
It can be self-converted into dozens of ways to use it. Use it to cook, steam, fry, simmer, steam, rinse, and drain. The best part is the folding flat and easy to store.

What People Are Saying About Us

"I use this to make mashed potatoes ALL THE TIME. So much safer than trying to pour boiling water into a colander."

Rabia Muneeb

“great for rinsing, cooking, draining, folds away when you're done with it, a terrific convenience for the kitchen.”

Munazza Khurram

“It works perfect for dipping fruit in boiling water for canning. Was just what I had looked the internet over for. Thanks.”

Alia Baber

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