Green Jade Walter Roller Anti Aging Massager with Gua Sha

Massager, Beauty Rollers for Shrinking Pores and Reducing Wrinkles

Provide Relaxation, Massage Your Face & Enhance Your Skin Care Routine | Real 100%

Natural jade

Ultra-smooth rolling, natural stone can promote blood circulation of facial skin, jade is rich in natural minerals, often used to soothe nerves and release negative emotions
Benefits of JADE ROLLER

Frequent use of jade to massage the face can help fight to age, reduce the face, reduce dark circles and eye puffiness, diminish fine lines, improve pores
Easy to use:

Massage your face in any free time and anywhere. It instantly eliminates muscle tension, and the roller smoothes fine lines, eliminates wrinkles and leaves skin feeling healthy and radiant

What People Are Saying About Us

“I was pleasantly surprised because this roller actually works. Have been using it for a week, and I can feel my skin is softer and more relaxed. This will help to reduce fine lines if I can keep doing it in the long run.”

Ayesha Zain

“Perfect size, handles and firmness for your skin. And I actually follow one suggestion from the reviewers to put it in the fridge. My skin says thank you!!.”

Sidra Mukhtar

“I’ve been using the jade roller for a little over a week. I use it with my serums. I love the feeling of the jade roller as it rolls over my face.”

Zara Muneeb

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