Hi-Tech Universal Liquid Screen Protector For All Mobile Phone

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Made from hi-tech liquid, our state-of-the-art glass screen protector creates a completely invisible (2-6nm) coating film on the screen for comprehensive protection against sudden impacts and scratches with crisp and clear visuals and perfect touch sensitivity! Also, it reduces smudges, sweat and oil residue from fingerprints and helps maintain the HD clarity of your display!

Unbelievable Facts

These screen protectors have a 9H rating for surface hardness. They also provide anti-glare brilliance in HD clarity. You’ll be able to clearly see every inch of your beloved phone screen. Just a few drops directly on the screen of the phone! It can be used multiple times, one bottle is equivalent to 2 pieces of screen protector. Hi Tech Technology creates an invisible protective coating that combines with the glass of the device to make the screen harder, making it feel smoother, improving screen clarity and touch sensitivity, scratching, reducing fingerprints and smudges, and easy cleaning To make the screen scratched and broken Mohs hardness rating of 9H

Waterproof and Scratch Proof

The screen guards form an oleophobic and hydrophobic film. This special coating also resists oily fingerprints and water droplets. It also repels water and sweat marks, so your phone won’t be wet and sticky when you finish your phone call. The coating is incredibly thin, invisible to the naked eye and don’t add any unnecessary bulk or weight to your pocket! You’ll have full touch access to every inch of your screen including edge screens. Our screen protectors can be used on watches, reading glasses, sunglasses, game consoles, and more! The screen protector uses strong scratch-resistant technology and does not create any air bubbles during or after construction. Our screen protectors are case-friendly. Each screen protector works with any case you decide to use. If you want to protect more than just your phone with our high-quality technology, look no further!
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We trust that our products are made up of premium quality of materials. If you are unhappy for any reason, simply return your purchased product for a full refund. Contact us with any questions. It's as simple as that! Enjoy your fabulous screen protector that will leave your phone screen feeling like new.

How to Use

What People Are Saying About Us

“The liquid protective film is very convenient to use, just apply it evenly on the screen of the mobile phone. The hardness of the mobile phone screen has indeed improved a lot. It is better than the traditional protective film bought before. It is an unexpected surprise.”

Muneeb Zain

“Was very easy to use, no aligning or bubbles. Works great and cost much less than a glass screen protector ”

Maaz Mukhtar

“Its actually work! This product is defentely the new generation for screen protectors , very easy to use. Totaly Clean !.”

Zara Ali

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