Invegora™ Battle Ring Game

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Invegora™ Battle Ring Game is a simple game, its play is simple but interesting, whether it is used as a backyard family game props, or friends gathering bar game, it is an ideal choice.

Ring Game Guide

First, make an appointment, and then the game starts! Place the water cup on the horizontal board and start tossing the ring. Each time the ring successfully hooks the hook, the water cup can move one square in the direction of the opponent. When the cup leaves the horizontal board, the player wins!
Fun For All Ages & Places

Ring hook game is the best choice for indoor or outdoor leisure games, which can improve the coordination of hands and eyes. Interactive games can also help you meet new friends.Upgraded version 2 Player Hook and Ring Toss Game, with multiple ways to play
Addicting Game

This hook and ring game is easy to disassemble and install, Ships with strings, rings, and hooks. Adjust yourself to an appropriate length and tie the rope, insert a dowel in the base.No screws needed. You can even lay it flat for easy carrying if you plan on taking it somewhere! The hook and ring game can be broken down for simple travel or storage, you can game anytime, anywhere

What People Are Saying About Us

"So much fun. Great to mindlessly play while chatting with friends (like a fidget toy), and also great to try and compete with. Fun addition for when guests are over. Nice quality wood and easy to assemble. ”

Muneeba Zain

“Great gift idea! These are fun desk toys for the office. Real easy to make friends with these sitting out for someone to grab and play with while chatting.”​

Anas Ahmed

“ I like it very much. Recommend it.”

Aliza Khurram

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