Invegora Cool Solar Fan Cap

Comfortable Cool In Summer

Featuring two small solar panels and a miniature fan, this Summer Sport Outdoor Hat will keep you nice and cool everywhere in this summer!


The solar-powered fan cap built-in solar sun power design, save energy, is environmentally friendly, and long lifespan, no battery required, once the sun shines, the fan will automatically rotate, the stronger the light, the greater the wind, environmental protection, and energy-saving.
Product Description
Solar Power Hat Cap with Cooling Fan Although the weather is hot.You do not have to worry or be afraid of the heat in the sun anymore. You only wear this hat. The heat from the sunlight is converted into energy to spin the fan, keeping you cool and comfortable without the heat. A solar panel exposed to sunlight The fan will work immediately. Keeps you cool while wearing this stylish hat, made of cotton fabric, can be worn during outdoor exercise, golfing, travel wear. Take a walk on the beach Work when there is sunlight
High-quality cotton and polyester, breathable, soft, and wear-resistant. This hat is suitable for summer wear, very suitable for summer and outdoor activities A cap with a mini fan to cool your face, and a solar fan to cool your face in the sun.

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" This rocks! Best travel item I could imagine to make my health a priority. ”

Maria Muneeb

“ Excellent, well-designed.”

Alia Zain

“ It would be great.”

Aliza Khurram

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