Kalimba Thumb Piano

Unleash our hidden artist

Kalimbas have entertained for centuries, are an African musical instrument, and are really fun and easy to learn to play!

Speaking to the deep inner part
Traditional African Kalimba Music is one of the best music. It has pure logic, with a spiritual core. This music is magical, speaking to anyone's deep inner part. Kalimba thumb piano is one of the most natural instruments. Even though its structure is many centuries old, it sounds fresh and modern.
Play the Kalimba with families and friends

Playing the kalimba is like taking a deep breath and diving to the bottom of a clear and peaceful pool. The diversions and annoyances of the world evaporate. We like to share this musical journey with another special person. We may want to share the kalimba playing with our lover. A high school student wants to play with her best friend. A grandmother wants to play with her grandchild, or a father wants to play with his child.
Kalimba for elders and kids

The Kalimba is small and easy to hold but has a surprisingly large voice. It's a perfect instrument for elders to keep the brain active, challenging the mind and honing hand-ear-eye coordination.
Kids about 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+ year old and up enjoy kalimba. The 17 keys were polished smooth to protect the young children's soft nails. Bringing one home will be fun, educational and, well, a fascinating conversation piece.

What People Are Saying About Us

“Item arrived quickly and the product is amazing! ”

Fariya Mohsin

"Everyone can learn to make beautiful music ! ”

Amaara Shoaib

"My daughter's friend had always wanted a Kalimba so we surprised her with this. She uses it all the time and absolutely loves it. ”

Faiza Aleem

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