Kids Projector Painting kit

Let your kid’s imagination runs with this amazing Painting Projector

The Projector Painting
The playset is a full package of realistic pretend play of various toy parts and tools, with simulating designs and shapes that trigger the real feeling of the set theme. The game provides a realistic view of the game set that is utilized in everyday lives, giving the preschoolers a golden chance at learning discipline at a very early age
Get your pre-kindergarten kid this toy playset for a fun, learning playtime and let your child express the artistic streak they have to go
Attractive Toy

A complete projector painting set from Little Treasures with a monster or dinosaur-shaped projector connected to a projector pad or screen, multiple watercolor pens, three different slide discs with 21 different pictures ranging from cars to cakes and the projector painting art textbook. This set is ideally suited for boys who have a creative flair and enjoy drawing or painting and want to learn more about art. This being said the projector painting set from Little Treasures can easily be used by girls as well. The projector painting set is ideal for children 3 years and older.

What People Are Saying About Us

"It's truly fun for all ages. Even at 37, I found myself enjoying learning to draw basics!.”

Sara Naveed

“Grandkid loved it was great quality worked well.”

Ayesha Zain

“great little treasure for my 4 year girl! Recomanded!.”

Areeba Razzak

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