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Sewing Made Easy!

Give your aspiring designer everything they need to create stylish fashions with the Cool Maker Sew N’ Style Machine! This set comes with glitter fabrics, multi-colored style string, and chic accessories. Young designers can even take their creations to the next level using the pom pom maker! Get creative imagining and making unique fashions with this hands-on sewing set.
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Easy and Safe to Use

The Sew N’ Style Machine is easy and safe for kids to use! A protective needle guard surrounds the top of the machine, so little hands are completely safe during the creative process! Just like a grown-up sewing machine, the Sew N’ Style Machine has a light, string guide for looping thread, storage drawer, and seam guide! Kids will be able to easily work all the features for independent and creative play.
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Create Using Sparkly Fabrics

Fashion-forward designers are sure to love the glitter fabric included in this set! Young creators can easily add sparkle to new designs with this stylish material! Invent your own creation or use the playbook (included) to create a glitter pouch – a fashionable way to store and keep your trendy things..

What People Are Saying About Us

“It promotes focus and self esteem in their abilities to create gifts that keep on giving. I highly recommend this product.”

Nadiya Ahsan

“ FANTASTIC machine to learn on! for a 7yr old and also a 5 yr old granddaughters. This machine helped them safely learn the basics of sewing ..holding fabric together.”

Alisha Mohsin

“My 8 years old daughter have received this for her birthday last year, she has it one year already and there is no limits for all the creations that she has made, this machine is amazing!.”

Sara Ahmed

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