Kitchen Good Grips Soap Dispensing Sink Brush

Family essential cleaning brush kit combination

Perfect Combination
The perfect combination Our market research shows that many customers choose our cleaning brush, One step go, fast and effective. This is a family essential cleaning brush kit combination.
High Efficiency
The big brush is used to clean the inner wall of the cup, the small head brush is used to clean the outer wall, and the two are used at the same time, which is more efficient.
Durable and Practical
Our Water cup cleaning brush is made of PP PVC material, flexible bristles, moderate hardness to ensure remove stubborn dirt and longer life.

What People Are Saying About Us

"I really enjoy this brush set. The best thing about it is I don’t have to touch the actual part coming in contact with the dirty dishes, It also does its job in removing any food from my dishes, I really recommend this product."

Aliza Muneeb

“This dish set has great value, as it includes everything I need to clean dishes. It’s very easy to use and it doesn’t make my hands dirty anymore! Love it!”

Sabiha Ali

“The brushes were great for my pot. My pot was kinda burned but this brush took care of it. I could easily scrape down hard things on the pot.”

Javeria Kamran

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