L.O.L. Surprise! Hairvibes Dolls with Surprises & Mix & Match Hairpieces

Every #hairvibes doll has an outrageous color-change surprise! Bathe the doll in water for a unique color change look!



So Many Hairstyles

Each doll comes with 4 plastic wig pieces & 3+ real hair wig pieces. Mix & match 2 pieces front to back or side to side to create so many styles! Glow Grrrl is glowin’ with all her fabulous looks!
Mix & Match Hairstyles Between Characters

All wig pieces fit EVERY doll, so you can mix & match between dolls to create even MORE hairstyles. Scuba Babe and Glow Grrrl swapped their ponytail and pigtails! Check out how fierce they look!
What’s Your Vibe?

Unbox 15+ surprises, including mix & match hair! Each #Hairvibes doll includes 3+ real hair wig pieces and 4 plastic wig pieces that you can mix & match to create endless hairstyles. If you’re feeling fancy vibes, try an updo. Or feeling cool vibes? Create an awesome side-swept look. There are so many combinations and ways to express your vibe with #Hairvibes

What People Are Saying About Us

“Love it!!! My first golden ball!! Disco Queen is so cute!! This new series are really playable, it has so many hair styles~just love it!.”

Minahil Jahanzeb

“These are so cute and so fun! The balls they come in are HUGE! Like the size of a youth soccer ball! .”

Ayesha Zain

“We got ours today. I want to show you how beautiful these dolls are. My kids were super excited and happy.”

Kanwal Ali

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