Light Up Drawing Pad

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Fun way for kids to express creativity. Great for tracing, doodling, coloring, learning, and games

Develops Skills and Creativity

This drawing board designed for kids and their parents help them explore their creativity, develop writing or drawing skills. The drawing templates of letters and patterns allow children to develop creative activities and stimulate their creative potential.
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Lighting Pens

The illuminating pen only appears under the light of the flashlight. The font on the drawing board will disappear with the passage of time, and the line will gradually disappear. It will disappear completely in 15-30 minutes. The less light in the room, the brighter the drawing board will be.
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What makes Glow Board so special?

Glow Sketch is an exciting new way to create a glow in the dark art using light to draw, without the potential mess caused by crayons and markers. Kids will love seeing their art come to life as it glows. It is also a great way to write unique messages, trace objects like your hand, use with stencils, play games like tic tac toe, and create a glow in the dark signs with dry-erase markers. It can be reused thousands of times, is durable, easily cleaned, and completely safe.

What People Are Saying About Us

“Great learning tool; I thought it was just a magic sketch pad, but it's much more. They can learn math, spelling, and art all in one cute little pad. My Granddaughter and her friends love it.”

Rida Ayesha

“Product is as described. Product arrived in perfect condition. My daughter is going to be thrilled with this Eid present. Thanks will order from your store again.”

Aliya Faizan

“I bought this for my 6 years old sister and she loves it! It's easy to use and it's light. She is very happy when using it.”

Sadaf Ahmed

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