Magic Pets Kitties Collectible Bracelet Set for Kids

Create anything you can imagine!

Twisty Petz are the glitzy bracelets you wear and transform with a twist! Super rare friends to find


Twisty Petz - Babies 4-Pack

Pandas and Kitties Collectible Bracelet Set for Kids Give your extra sparkle with Twisty Petz Babies! Tiny, adorable, and ultra-glam, it’s easy to connect two baby animals together and transform them into dazzling bracelets, stylish necklaces, or trendy backpack charms! Available in all kinds of dazzling finishes, there are so many cute animals to collect and wear. Carry them, wear them, and trade with friends!
Dazzling Detailing

Made of colorful gems, Twisty Petz Babies have adorable animal faces and sweet tails! From Daisy Puppy’s big eyes to Toc Unicorn’s magical horn, each pet’s super-cute detailing brings them to life!
Collect Cute Petz

Pile your wrist high with metallic, rainbow, pastel, and fuzzy Twisty Petz. With special edition, limited edition and super rare Twisty Petz to find, there are so many dazzling animals to add to your collection! Collect, swap with friends, and add some bling.

What People Are Saying About Us

“Absolutely cool! My 5 year old is in love with these and already wants more. Very cool toy/jewelry.”

Arisha Ahmer

“Perfect was exactly as expected. Giving it as a Birthday Present. She collects Twisty Petz. Very satisfied with my purchase.”

Kashaf Muneer

“A girls favorite! She’s 7 and all her class wanted one to. She now has about 12 different ones, they can connect to make a necklace! Genius.”

Zobia Asim

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