Magnetic Balls - Mashable, Smashable, Buildable Fun

Each set is made up of 2.5mm small magnetic balls and fully adheres to all safety standards. share the fun with your dad, your best friend, your boss (or anyone 12+) — or keep ‘em for yourself, we won’t tell.

Build an Original
Snag your own set of magnetic balls and add delight to the workday, make a conference room feel more like a conga line, bring a little dose of zen when and where you need it most.
Gift Guide Approved
Those days of stressing over what to gift your boss or co-workers, and nieces or nephews in college are long gone. you'll win everyone over no matter if they're in the dorm room or boardroom.
Gift Guide Approved
Stuck in a meeting that could have been an email? did your conference call go 2 hours over? grab a set of magnetic balls to discreetly unwind through your fingertips no matter where your daily grind takes you.
Mash 'em up
Build like a boss or smash away your stress. you'll get your fidgets out in style.

What People Are Saying About Us

"I don’t expect much from these magnets when my son asked me to purchase them, but it turns out they are loads of fun for children and adults alike. They are better than fidget spinners. They are educational as well.”

Farhat Aziz

“Great gift idea! These are fun desk toys for the office. Real easy to make friends with these sitting out for someone to grab and play with while chatting.”

Muneeb Butt

“The balls are half the diameter of the original magnetic toys. But that doesn't mean they are half the fun. Indeed, because they are smaller, you can make more detailed objects. These magnets provide endless fun. The only limitation is your imagination. It comes with a small carrying cube which makes them great for trips. Because the magnets are so strong, they are not easily separated, so it is harder to lose them. That being said, I would keep these away (far away) from young children.”

Aliza Khurram

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