Magnetic Construction Educational Toy 63 pcs

You become an instant builder and creator.

It is also a perfect toy set to build up a positive relationship with your children.


Play to Learn

As a Magnetic Toy for Kids Building Geometry Shapes, Molecules, Buildings, Vehicles, and Unlimited Amount of Other Shapes and Designs, the Magnet Toy Becomes a Great Teaching Assistance for School Teachers and Brain Development Toy for All Ages
Colorful Magnetic Sticks

Let you Create Unique Patterns and Vivid Designs to Your Creations. Top Quality Magnets, Steel Spheres, and Craftsmanship Offer Unlimited Family Fun for Years to Come
Great Value 3D Puzzle Toys:

64 pieces of toys set to trains graphic cognition of your child, also stimulates their spatial thinking and hand-eye coordination. Innovative ideas for your kids to enhance the ability to distinguish colors, enrich their creativity and imagination. Develop brain thinking ability

What People Are Saying About Us

“These are perfect for my highly intelligent autistic grandson, 11. He can put them together as a pyramid in under 3 minutes flat! What a brain!.”

Ayesha Moazam

“ Great and fun stuff for kids and even adult. The magnet is not as strong as what I had before though perhaps due to safety regulations.”

Aqsa Muneeb

“I have spent several hours playing with toy with my kids, the love it.”

Zobia Ahsan

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