Manual Floor Dust Sweeper

Easier than Ever Before

Why sacrifice time when you don’t have to?

Water Proof

It is water proof, can be used in bathroom and kitchen, can also be washed by water
Easy To Built Dustpan

Brush sweeper broom is hand push type sweeping machine is a broom, dustpan, trash whole body of a new generation of cleaning products
Make No Sound

Sweeping machine without electricity,when you use ,there isn't any noisy to make your life more cleaning and quietly
Fold Flats & Easy to Store

Weighs less than 2 pounds and folds flat for hard to reach areas and easy storage. NO bags, filters, batteries or electricity required

What People Are Saying About Us

“Worked very well!! Great price and sweeping was never easier on my hard floor!”

Zara Ali

“I love this sweeper device.”

Zahra khan

“So nice not to have to do all the bending with a broom and dustpan!!!!!!”

Fatima farooq

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