Multi-Function Vegetable Peeler with 3 Blades

Don't settle for imitators, go with the originators!

Make the delicious food by yourself that your family loves

Quick and Easy
Improve efficiency and increase interest,both for the elderly and children.  
Stainless steel ring design for easy removal of small dark circles.Can be used repeatedly,the use rate is high

Standard blade perfect for potatoes and carrots;Serrated blade can be used on Potato and tomatoes;Julienne blade can be used on just about any fruit or vegetable for thin matchstick strips.

What People Are Saying About Us

"This one is wonderful easy to hold, works like a dream, compact, easy to store, easy to clean ."

Sana Saad

"This tool works great--- easy to use, sharp and efficient. I've had one for years and bought a couple more to give as a gift and an extra for myself. "

Yusra Ahmed

"Very versatile. Can peel tomatoes and apples with the turn or the wheel."

Abeera junaid

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