Neck Pillow Portable Massager

Get Relief from Neck Pain and aches or a sore neck by using it as a neck cushion

Perfect for Home, Travel, in your Car Auto Minivan especially on long trips with kids in the back, so that they can relax in comfort while traveling.

Effectively release
Preasure & Pain
The most comfortable way to relax stiff neck muscles at the end of the day. The soft neck pillow is filled with neck-contouring micro-beads, this means you can mold your traveling neck pillow to be as comfortable as you can get it! If that isn't all, this amazing pillow vibrates. You insert two batteries and with the click of a button the vibrating begins.

Neck Pillow Massager filled with microbeads filled neck-contouring micro-bead filled pillow will contour to the shape of your neck, shoulder and give you maximum comfort and added support, relaxation, and relief from pain or a sore neck.

Better than other neck pillows for travel thanks to the small beads inside that move and mold to your neck being less rigid than foam or other filler materials. Imagine having the silky feel of a squishy beanie baby around your neck. This microbead travel pillow neck support gently massages your neck and shoulders with the press of a button.

What People Are Saying About Us

"I love this neck pillow, do not even need the massager...I use it when watching tv sitting up in my chair, and I use it in bed as GREAT neck support."

Aliza Atif

"I ordered this for my mom after she had open heart surgery. So we tried this for her while she was resting. And she said it worked wonders."

Sara Zafar

"Good vibration, absolutely perfect when you have a headache! The microbeads make it moldable to your head. Just what I've been looking for."

Sofia Ahmed

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