The Classic TOMY Mr. Mouth Feed The Frog Game



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Mr. Mouth Feed The Frog Game

Catapulting insects has never been so much fun! Little ones will delight in flicking bugs into this frog’s mouth. But Mr. Mouth won’t stay still. His mouth keeps opening and closing while his eyes wiggle and his head spins round and round. What funny froggy!

  • Classic catapult game; feed the hungry crocodile
  • Each player selects a color of the flipper and the fish
  • Flip the fish when the crocodile spins its head to you and open its mouth; one at a time
  • Promotes hand-eye coordination, motor skill, and color recognition training
    Interactive game for up to 4 players


How To Play

Each player selects a color, then the player using the claw and fish of that color
Turn the switch on, chopper’s head will begin to spin
When the chopper’s mouth opens, each player tries to flip the fish, one at the time, into its mouth
If you press too hard the fish will flip too far, if you press too soft the fish will not flip far enough
The first player to flip all the fish into the chopper’s mouth is the winner


The classic frog game will bring back happy memories for adults and delight kids with fly flicking fun!


Mr. Mouth’s funny frog head keeps opening, closing, and spinning. Choose your moment carefully to feed the frog with colorful bugs!


This catapult toy allows the players to fill Mr. Mouth with flies, whoever fills his mouth first wins


Mr. Mouth’s eyes wiggle as his head spins round and round
This classic game is for ages 5 and upkeeps everyone engaged and is a great choice for family game night


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