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Super Spiral Tower

The Super Spiral Tower is a colorful ball ramp that is sure to keep kids entertained! Featuring Six swirling levels and 3 bead-filled balls, babies will have a blast placing the balls at the top and watching them roll, spin, and rattle to the bottom! So simple and fun, they'll enjoy doing it over and over! The balls are clear and filled with colorful beads so they provide fun visual stimulation.
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There are countless options when it comes to toys for young kids. Since it's playtime all the time at that age, it's important to choose toys that promote quality play. For toys that provide fun play with developmental benefits, it's time to learn what KidSource is all about...
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Enjoy high play value: Includes three clear rattle balls that are fun to play with on their own. The tower is easy to assemble and breakdown, making playtime a breeze while you're on the go.

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“We love this toy. It was an instant favorite and has been good for hours of fun.”

Areesha Moazam

“ I bought this for a 1-year-old and she used it right away.”

Tani Rabbani

“My 11-month-old loves this. The balls have beads and spinnies in them & he lives to play worth them even on their own. Fun & durable.”

Zobia Ahsan

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