Smart Fitness Hula Hoops for Adults Kids Exercise

Shake the hula hoops every day

Quiet Bearing & Flexible Rotation
Exercise at home as you like!

360° circular massage
360-degree Surround and Super Comfortable Massage: the inner ring is covered with shock-absorbing massage contacts, which can be massaged while exercising. this fantastic workout tool offers you the resistance you need to get more out of your workouts and is a great addition to most Yoga routines. Burn more calories, and get your body where you want it.
Free adjustment of 24 sections
The size can be spliced freely according to the waist size, so the whole family can use it. (notice: 24 sections are suitable for people with waist circumference below 100 cm )
Silent bearing, Upgraded Design
A 360-degree silent roller can rotate evenly and flexibly so that the noise is smaller and the rotation is more stable. With this comfortable experience, we recommend that you exercise for 30 minutes a day for 5 days; then you can burn up to 800 calories each time!

What People Are Saying About Us

"My daughter loves the traditional hoola hoop and when she saw the weighted one on TikTok she had to have it! What I can is pink, super easy to adjust to your waist, fun and easy to use.. ”

Maria Muneeb

“This is easy to put together and get started. It is recommended you use this hula hoop for 30 minutes each time. It is a fun workout that will leave your abs and hips feeling like you got a good workout!.”

Alia Zain

“Overall, I recommend if you have the slightest interest in trying it out! It’s a fun piece of equipment to add some variety to your cardio.”

Aliza Khurram

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