SmartGames 30 Seconds Multi-Player Board Game

Junior 30 Seconds Quick Thinking

The quick-thinking fast-talking board game for the whole family!


At the start of each round, the team throws the special 30 Seconds dice to determine that round's handicap. The dice has six sides and the values can be 0, 1, or 2. One player draws a card. Each card has a yellow side and a blue side. The player must use the size that corresponds to the square that their token is on. There are five words printed on each side. The opposing team then turns over the 30-second timer. The team's score is determined by taking the number of correct answers and subtracting the handicap. The team moves their token forward by the same number of squares as their score for the current round.

Clues are generally short with a strong emphasis on synonyms and associations. For example, if the answer is "Gauteng" the clue might be as simple as "in which province is Johannesburg found?". A possible clue might be "The area which was named after the first black president of South Africa", to which the answer is "Nelson Mandela Bay". The official rules regarding clues are restrictive and provision is made for penalties (moving backward). In most circumstances, house rules are more relaxed to increase the speed and enjoyment of the game.
Family Game

30 Seconds is the quick-thinking, fast-talking game that is perfect for any group or family, big or small. It's simple to play and is easily enjoyed by all age groups - it really is the game for everyone! The game is straightforward, players must give hints to their teammates so that they can correctly guess the five names on the card, all this of course having to be done in 30 Seconds! The names and topics that appear on the cards are those most people will be familiar with including, celebrities & film, music, sport, politicians (only a few!), places, songs, bands, books, TV, movies, shops & brands and more! Some names are more difficult than others but most will be known by the average person in the street. 30 Seconds is fiercely entertaining and can be played by anyone anywhere – just keep the noise down!

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“Arrived quickly and on time, well packaged and as described.”

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“ It was an OK game, bit ordinary and the grandchildren soon lost interest in playing it.”

Farheen Ali

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