Tumball Game

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The nerve-wracking, bead-stacking game from Megableu USA
Pass out the white beads before you start… On your turn, pick up one with the wand and try to place it inside the cluster of colored balls… Take turns using skill and daring, placing each bead one by one… With every bead you add, the space between the colored balls will open… Push your luck too far or make a false move and TUMBALL!!! Add the fallen beads to your collection. The first to get rid of all their beads wins!
Fun for the Family
The game itself is engaging enough for your entire family. Each game only lasts a few minutes, making it perfect to play any time and with nearly any one. perfect for family, schools, party, travel and so much more.
Why You'll Love this Game

🌟 Everyone can play - no extra skills required
🌟 2 levels of difficulty - Challenge Accepted 🌟 Easy to learn - get playing in less than five minutes 🌟 Difficult to master - learn something new every time you play

What People Are Saying About Us

"My children love this game. It is easy to set up (especially after the first time), a quick play, and lots of giggles. I bought this for my littler kiddos, but 9 and 11 enjoy it too. So kids from age 2 to 11 and the adults that love them all like playing! ”

Sonia Khurram

“My fiancé and friends love this game very much as well as my parents, which tells you that this game can cross the generational divide. Also, if you have little kids this would definitely teach hand eye coordination.”

Zain Adnan

“Great game for all ages, my son (8) loved it and I did as well. Similar concept as "Jenga" as it requires patience, focus, and strategy, however it is very fun! Perfect for family game night or when friends are visiting.”

Areeba Razzak

How to Play

Carefully place all your white beads on top of the suspended colorful balls. With every bead you add the colorful balls become more unstable. If you push your luck too far or make one false move. You must add the fallen beads to your collection. Get rid of all your beads to win.

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