Twin Storage Stool

Lessen the hassle with this dual-purpose stool, store your things in it and just simply sit and enjoy

Designed For Everyday Living
The Invegora Collection is designed for style, yet keeps comfort in mind. Our designs feature soft, contemporary lines and many of our storage stools are ergonomically designed for enjoyable entertaining with family and friends.
Lightweight And Space Saving
With the compact design that you can put anywhere, door, cabinet door, drawer door, or outdoor activities like barbecue, creative and practical, keep your room tidy and clean.
Great Storage Tool
Keep all of your things organized while showing awesome colors with these fully storage bins! Great for storing toys, clothes or anything else you need to quickly stow away!

What People Are Saying About Us

"Fantastic product. I didn’t regret buying this at all. I first thought of giving this to my friend’s son for his birthday but then I saw my little kid using it and he loved it.”

Sana Shahzad

“I bought this for my daughter. I highly recommend it. Was a great purchase for me for her.”

Safar Batool

"Really Quality of product is great.We take it with us when we are going outside”

Arisha Fatima

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