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Creative Pattern Imagined

Give Full Play To Kid’s Imagination


You can play with our challenge cards which contain some geoboard sheets of animals and shapes or create your own patterns. Compete with your friends and challenge yourself. Enjoy the family time and class match with your kids. The bands are colorful so you could create more possibilities with such a simple toy. Full of Fun!!!
Great Fine Motor Activity

The pattern cards contain some geoboard sheets of animals and shapes to give kids an idea of what he can do with them. That will help them see the possibilities of such a simple toy and later they can make their own shapes and designs.

Educational Toy

Good for kids who enjoy making shapes, letters, designs. To explore the younger's geometric concepts. Handling the rubber bands helps develop fine motor skills, attention, perseverance. This toy also encourages imagination and creativity and counting.

What People Are Saying About Us

“Love this little board. We get plenty of use out of it.”

Hafsa Ahmed

"My 3 year old really enjoys this - she likes to make some shapes and try to put as many bands on at one time as possible. .”

Sadia Farhan

"This is fun as well as being a great instructional tool. .”

Marium Ali

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