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Follow the Hands for Learning Fun

Telling time has its own vocabulary, with terms such as 'half past' and 'quarter of' and concepts of 'before,' 'after,' 'early,' and 'late.' This colorful, wooden clock is a playful way to share this language with children. As kids sort the pieces, push the hands (both the minute and hour hands rotate), and explore visual cues on the clock face, caregivers can help them understand and talk through it all. The clock can also be a unique way to share the events of the day, talking about what happened in the morning, at midday, and in the evening, as the clock hands move around the clock to show breakfast time, lunchtime, and bedtime.

The wood educational shape clock toy set can be used as a tool for children to learn at different stages, helping children to better grasp colors, identify numbers, recognize shapes and identify time, promote hand-eye coordination, exercise the brain thinking, language ability, calculative ability, basic cognitive skills, problem-solving. Make your children thinking more flexible and make sure they are more engaged in learning while using the game.

This quality wood product is the first choice for all parents and children. Learning and teaching the time can be a tough task for both children and adults. But learning happens much faster and easier when it is combined with a playful experience. That´s why we created this colorful puzzle that is the perfect combination and your child will learn the time easily without even noticing this.

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“ Great Value as a Shape-Sorter and Introduction to Other Mathematical Skills.”

Maria Farhan

"but he loved it. In fact the 9 year old wanted ..”

Zahida Bassam

"Lovely product, very well made. Good variety of things to do, numbers, shapes, colours, telling the time, nicely put together, perfect gift. Thank you.”

Ayesha Kamran

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