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One of the classic baby and toddler puzzles, the solid wood shape sorter cube comes with 12 different geometric shapes for sorting and encourages the development of not only problem-solving skills, shape and color recognition but fine motor skills and dexterity as well.
This classic wooden shape sorter is fun cubed

The beautifully crafted toy features smooth, natural wood, dove-tail joints, a slide-off lid, and 19 cut-out shapes in four of the sides. The 19 brightly colored solid wood shapes are easy for little hands to grasp and make a wonderful 'clunk' as they drop in the shape sorting cube. Fit the pieces in the matching holes, then dump them out and do it again! An illustrated guide on the label helps identify the names of the shapes - from a triangle and a trapezoid to a parallelogram to a pentagon.
Shape Their Skills

The shape sorting cube helps teach sorting skills, color and shape recognition, and helps children develop and hone fine motor skills. It encourages problem-solving and builds hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity. See confidence and self-esteem grow as children two and older rise to the challenge of matching the shapes to the correct holes.

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“ Love this wooden shape sorting set.”

Madiha Ejaz

"Excellent learning tool.”

Faariya Alam

"This is the perfect toy for a 2-year-old! I can’t even describe how much my daughter loves it and plays with it. It’s also very well made, high quality.”

Ayesha Kamran

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