World's Finest Shilajeet 5 gram Guaranteed Directly from Its Origin

Harvested & Purified At Altitude

Your body will thank you after using this! One of the world’s best Shilajit guaranteed! It’s a fresh sun-dried product not hard solid rock like cooked shilajit’s

Himalayas  Shilajit
From within the beautiful Himalayas and Karakoram Mountains comes one of the most valuable natural products called Shilajit. Flowing out of the mountains when the sun is at its highest point, the Shilajit is formed by the action of microorganisms on decomposing plants. This unique natural substance is of utmost importance to humans in many ways.

Gold Grade
This product comes from gold grade Shilajit which is the purest and highest grade Shilajit. Our Shilajit comes with all the efficient properties, excellent nutrients, purity, and high-level performance needed to make your body function effectively. Tested for all the heavy metals! Prepared using the Tibetan method! Clean and filtered! No dust or grit guaranteed! 

Increase Efficacy
Purified using fresh spring water! Dried under the sun and steamed! Packed in food graded glass jar! It's a product for the overall well-being of the body! Not intended to diagnose any disease Recommended for all. This Shilajit is not a mummy or related to any such product! This is a natural product ethically harvested from the mountains of the Himalayas and Karakoram Valley in Gilgit Baltistan from above 16,000ft! Considered as the best source of pure gold graded Shilajit! You can use honey and garlic cloves or other natural products with Shilajit to increase their efficacy.

What People Are Saying About Us

"This Shilajit is really great. It gave me a good energy boost but it took some time to realize that which confirms that it is purely natural. I also feel that my lower back is stronger. It really works but it takes time."

Farhat Aziz

"You are paying for the very best Shilajit available: totally worth it."

Muneeb Butt

"It’s 100% effective."

Aliza Khurram

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